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Discover the excellence of Charlie Cline sheaths

Do you need a quality sheath for your favorite knife? You'll love the attention to detail you'll get with Charlie Cline sheaths.


These custom pieces range from extra small to extra large and are available in a wide range of leather hues. If you're looking for the highest quality, then you're looking for Charlie Cline sheaths.

Get affordable prices and super-fast shipping

When you find the perfect sheath for your needs you don't want to wait to try it out. Buy from Cline Knives and enjoy the convenience of reasonable prices plus shipping that's fast and reliable.

Check out some of the most popular sheaths

Shop a wide range of knives

When you shop with Cline Knives, you can buy fixed blades, pocket knives, and a lot more. Read more about Charlie to see the exceptional difference an exceptional company can make.

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